How A Book Stole My Heart

I always feel sorry when I hear someone say he or she dislikes reading. Books in my life have been an absolute blessing. They’ve been my solace when I needed strength, companionship when I felt lonely, inspiration when I was bored.

Books are windows into magical, fabulous worlds that I could have never imagined without them.

There’s something powerful and precious about a great story. That one you can’t put down. The one you stay up all night devouring every word. The one you weep over as you turn the last page.  Nothing beats curling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon. In fact, sometimes I pray it will storm just so I can lose myself in the intriguing world of my book du jour.

Reading has given me things far beyond just information and literacy. Its given me time and space with myself.  Savouring words on a page gives me the opportunity to understand my feelings, desires, idiosyncrasies and unique ways of looking at the world. Books also reassure me that I am not alone when I struggle.

Once you know true ‘book love’ your life is never the same again.

But will young people today ever know this kind of deep passion for books? I fear that many will not.

When I’m able to impart this lifelong love of reading, and the confidence that goes along with it as the catalyst to make it happen, my students are never the same again. And best of all, once that spark is struck — and the flame ignited —a deep love of reading becomes contagious. A flicker of excitement forms in their eyes as they talk about their favourite stories and authors. And it takes students far beyond literacy and higher school marks. Their minds open, their characters deepen and their hearts fill with gratitude. Somehow their entire beings expand.

This is so incredible. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I thank all of my current and past students who have allowed me to take them on this journey into a love of reading. I am truly privileged.

The best news of all is that once you fall in love with reading, there is no going back. You want another good book, and then another. You look forward to spending time alone just so you can lose yourself in your latest literacy conquest. The whole wide wonderful world opens up in front of you and you become part of it.

Here’s a List of Good Reads To Steal Your Heart