“Molly’s support for our blended family was invaluable. Our son now has strict rules around gaming, which he is actively self-managing. He is concentrating a lot more, as a result, and we are all much happier.”
Nila K

“As a teacher and parent, Molly helped me become more in tune – to listen to how kids say statements – how are they framing them and what I can do to help. I highly recommend her.”
Lorraine F

“Molly has helped our large blended family deal with a whole range of mental health issues. She is compassionate and, most of all, effective. I can’t thank her enough.”
Moira M

“Molly is the wisest coach I’ve ever encountered. In just a few sessions she got to the root of my longest standing issue. Molly helped me clearly recognise my value. My life has transformed thanks to her insight, counsel and NLP techniques.”
Sadie R

“Molly is excellent at imparting her knowledge. My son has a number of learning difficulties, including dyslexia, but Molly’s approach has been both sensitive and successful. In just a few sessions, she helped him recognise his value as a learner. His confidence and abilities have shot through the roof.”
Linda G

“I was bound by the past, bogged down by anger and frustrated by my lack of vision and progress both in my life and my career. Then I met Molly and after a few sessions, I came to a point where I made peace with the past, I forgave those who brought anger and my eyes opened to a new way and a clear vision of who I was and where I wanted to go.”
Hein P

“Thanks so much for being such an amazing speaker at our school – truly inspiring.  I certainly think that all parents should hear her message.”
Laurie T

“Molly is an engaging teacher, an inspiring mentor and an exceptional person.  Her help was instrumental in my acceptance to Stanford University, and her input into my essays and preparation for the core SAT and Subject Tests was incredibly valuable.  Molly provided an insightful and thoughtful opinion into the puzzle that is the international American University admissions process, and I wholeheartedly recommend her.”
Harry M

“Molly has been a wonderful support and guide to our family, working with our 8-year-old daughter around some of the challenges she faces having a highly sensitive personality. Our daughter loves her time with Molly, whose fun and caring approach has helped her learn new strategies to better process her emotions. Molly has also given our family tools, support, and reassurance to help our daughter and our entire family overall.”
Rene W

“I love Molly’s authentic approach, sharing her personal story (how brave) and giving us insight into how we can help our young Kiwis. Intervention and early signs are key to the process. I thought the balance of research and practical knowledge was pitched just right, with relevant examples for teachers that we could relate to.”
Jack M