“Molly is an engaging teacher, an inspiring mentor and an exceptional person.  Her help was instrumental in my acceptance to Stanford University, and her input into my essays and preparation for the core SAT and Subject Tests was incredibly valuable.  Molly provided an insightful and thoughtful opinion into the puzzle that is the international American University admissions process, and I wholeheartedly recommend her.”
Harry M

“I asked Molly to assist my daughter in preparing for her SSAT exam. She was so knowledgeable, organized and passionate. Soon, my daughter was looking forward to their sessions together! Molly was extremely helpful increasing my daughter’s confidence and provided her with useful strategies for both study and test preparation. Ultimately, she did well on the SSAT test and was thrilled when she was accepted to the top schools of her choice in the States. We would highly recommend Molly’s expertise and skills.  She is an excellent teacher and we feel fortunate to have found her.”
Laurie F

“I thoroughly enjoyed being tutored by Molly. Not only did Molly expand my SAT knowledge, but also my confidence and positive attitude towards the exams. She was always very passionate and eager to help, and was excellent at imparting her knowledge.”
Millie M

“Molly tutored my son for the SAT. She is professional, personable and experienced. She provided wonderful support and we are very grateful. Thoroughly recommended.”
Michelle A

“Molly is an inspirational tutor. With her guidance in the SAT and the admissions process, I was able achieve my dream of studying as a student-athlete in the US through gaining acceptance into the University of Pennsylvania. Molly makes learning engaging and enjoyable; I would always look forward to my classes with her.”
Edward B

“I was bound by the past, bogged down by anger and frustrated by my lack of vision and progress both in my life and my career. Then I met Molly and after a few sessions, I came to a point where I made peace with the past, I forgave those who brought anger and my eyes opened to a new way and a clear vision of who I was and where I wanted to go.”
Hein P

“I just got my TOEFL score: Reading 26, Listening 27, Speaking 26, Writing 28 with an overall score of 107 over 120!!! I am very happy, especially for the writing part, that’s an excellent score! Without your tutoring and our meetings, I would have never achieved this score. So thank you very much!”
Laure T

“My son Simon thoroughly enjoyed being tutored by Molly. It is clearly obvious that her positive and confident manner has a huge impact on her students. Molly is a very passionate and generous teacher and shares this well with her students. Her feedback was always immensely helpful and as a result Simon went into his exam well prepared and confident of achieving a good mark.”
Alison B

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Molly. Every week she went over and above the call of duty to not only help me prepare for the SAT, but advise me on colleges that suit me. I would definitely recommend Molly to anyone who is looking to sit the SAT, no matter whether it’s your first or tenth time.”
Zane T

“Molly is the wisest coach I’ve ever encountered. In just a few sessions she got to the root of my longest standing issue. Molly helped me clearly recognise my value. My life has transformed thanks to her insight, counsel and NLP techniques.”
Sadie R