A Candle In The Field

Every child is like a lit candle trying to burn as brightly as he or she can.

Some children shine brightly from the beginning, automatically and at an early age, but others start faint and grow brighter as they grow.

Sometimes their flames can be difficult to detect. In a field or meadow flooded with sunlight, a child’s light can be almost invisible, especially if he or she is struggling or finding life challenging in some way. Internal imbalances – and the strong emotions surrounding them – will dim his flame so much so that it appears to disappear altogether. So does being hangry and tired!

But, even when they’re cranky or out of sorts our children’s lit candles are trying to shine.

Set against the brilliant light of a sunny day or our high expectations and privileged lives, our child’s flame can be hard to see, so we have to tune ourselves and our vision in order to detect it.  We also have to help them shine more brightly, either through the creation of greater contrast or with greater luminous strength and skill.

If you’d like support to help your child shine even more brightly, get in touch.