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Don’t hold onto clouds

Changing Depression We are never the same person we were yesterday. Even if we’re with the same people, eat the same foods, and watch the same TV shows, we’re always changing. Our feelings are not what we felt yesterday, even if they seem the same. Every cell is constantly renewing itself. Every experience is filtered […]

Are You Sleep Running Through Life?

If you’re prioritising the needs of others over your own, then the answer is yes.  After my husband died following a long battle with chronic depression, I “woke up” and realised that I didn’t even know what I wanted for breakfast, let alone who I was or what made me happy. For so long all […]

A Body Grateful

A sunset.  A hug.  A helping hand. Have you ever stopped and really thought about what it feels like when you’re grateful for these or anything else for that matter? Have you ever noticed how it makes your body feel? Let’s try it now. Close your eyes and imagine someone you feel especially grateful for […]

“I Just Stopped By To Stir Your Soul”

An amazing woman Growing up in South Central LA, Lisa Nichols in 1994 was “broke and broken.” With less than $12 in her bank account, she was a single mom who had barely had enough money to buy nappies for her baby son. Without anything to her name, the odds of getting out of poverty were […]

Self-Love in Five Minutes

“Life’s give and take becomes blissful. We love life and life loves us back.” This is one of my favourite quotes from medical doctor and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra. This is what happens when we’re able to tap the source of unconditional love. Many things can trigger a hardening of our hearts: the stress of trying to […]

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

A novel by Jeannette Winterson of the same name points out multiple ways to love. This principle, in fact, applies beyond relationships to absolutely EVERYTHING in life. Any event can be interpreted in multiple ways. This may not seem like a groundbreaking revelation, but it actually is if we live its wisdom. The meaning we […]

Trust Your Felt Sense

Your Own Natural Intelligence (NI) In an earlier post, I talked about how our “gut brains” contain many more neurons than our spinal cords. Here I’ll explore another amazing resource: the felt sense, which encompasses a distinctive quality of internal experience that registers in our bodies.  If tapped, the felt sense becomes a powerful decision-making tool. You […]

Brain Below Your Belt

Trust Your Gut We’ve heard it said before, but how do we actually do it? For some of us, it can be challenging, particularly if we spend a lot of time stuck in our heads or have become practiced at tuning into others and prioritising their needs over our own. But with a little awareness, you […]

Listen To Me

The more we don’t listen; the more we don’t hear, and the more frantically we long for it. If I could change one thing in the world it would be for all of us to become better listeners, even 25% better would radically change ourselves, our relationships and our world at large. The research is […]