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The Social Media Muse

Navigating Social Media Recently, the number of questions I’ve received from my younger clients asking how they can manage their relationships with social media in healthier ways has surprised me. Not that the questions aren’t relevant but just because of their source. Most teens and young adults today have grown up online and feel as […]

I Will Meet You There

Tolerance We live in divisive times. Despite our similarities, we are focused on our differences, especially when we perceive them to be a matter of life or death or to threaten our way of life in some way. A return to what we have in common is needed now more than ever – a return […]

Enduring Hard Times

Pulled Between Two Branches In rural Alaska where I grew up, many people cure animal hides, particularly caribou and moose. Placed in the sun and the wind, the hides hang for weeks over summer. There to endure and to be made into something stronger and more malleable. Made useful for many things after being lashed for […]

Catch Success

Ride the Wave I love looking at the sea. I especially love watching surfers. Sometimes they’re met with one wave after another.  Sometimes they wait.  But even as they wait, they’re preparing for the next one to arrive. They know another one will come at some point; they just don’t know when it will start […]

Words are Weapons

Criticism is sulfuric acid for love. After 40+ years of conducting research on what makes relationships last, Dr. John Gottman has this to say about it. Personally, I like to say that criticism is a weapon that we use against the people we love the most. Urban Family founder,  Shantel Patu, describes the abuse perpetrated by a […]

Where are you?

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. French Philosopher Simone Weil gave us this understanding in Gravity and Grace, published posthumously in 1952. She also went on to say that when we practice paying attention to even the smallest and most minute aspects of our lives, we reap the deepest rewards of our humanity. Weil […]

Leadership is To Love Thyself

There, I’ve said it. I’ve broken the great unspoken taboo of business, and it’s both exhilarating and risky. And instead of tip-toeing around it, I confess: self-love is at the heart of my corporate coaching success. A Disconnect. I have four separate parts to my coaching practice and, while wellbeing, education, and parenting go hand-in-hand, my corporate […]

Reading as Medicine

Reading is an adventure, and adventures are about going places you’ve never been. This is both exciting and reassuring at the same time. Herein lies the magic of reading. Great books take us places where we wouldn’t venture on our own, and they do so from the safety of our immediate surrounds. But the deep sense […]

Rich or Happy?

Teach happiness too. I don’t mean to pick on private schools; I believe that they have the resources to provide many opportunities for children but lack, in many cases, a longer-term vision and plan for our children’s well-being. But this is not the fault of schools or their administrators. It is us: a certain class […]

Paint A Carpet of Wildflowers

I See You. Parenting is painful, especially if we try to force and control it. On the other hand, it’s exuberant and transformational if we stay centered in love and trust. Easier said than done, I know. It begins with an artist’s eye and a good question: how do I see my children as an […]