“I Just Stopped By To Stir Your Soul”

An amazing woman

In 1994, having grown up in South Central LA, Lisa Nichols was “broke and broken.” With less than $12 in her bank account, she was a single mom who had barely had enough money to buy nappies for her baby son. Without anything to her name, the odds of getting out of poverty were stacked against her.

The only thing she had at the time, she says, “was her voice.”

Today, she’s changed her life dramatically. She shares her journey in this video to give us a sense of the gold nuggets she acquired along the way.

She says:

“Some of your best motivation comes wrapped in sandpaper.”

“Some of your best inspiration comes with some pricks, and nails it.”

“Some of your best inspiration may come in an experience that you didn’t ask for, didn’t want and never would want again.”

And yet, here you are.

Self-love and self-compassion are at the core of Lisa’s success. Get in touch to learn how to be bold and “just step!”
I hope you enjoy Lisa’s speech; it definitely stirred my soul.