Has life lost its lustre?

Sometimes we start moving through our days like a robot or a cardboard cutout of ourselves. We find that what used to be fulfilling isn’t anymore. What used to make us smile doesn’t any longer. What used to make sense is now somehow confusing. I’ve been to this place.

“I became an unwelcome visitor in my own life.”

What I learned during these times was that my higher self was vigorously tapping me on the shoulder, asking me to stop and take stock. Often I didn’t listen.

I’ve now learned, however, that when life loses meaning we are being called to pause from the busyness of our lives and turn inwards. This is the most important step you can take.

Because inside is the only place you’ll ever find the answer.

When life feels empty, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What is lacking? Sometimes you can find this out more easily when you think about what brings you joy and fulfillment in life, and ask when was the last time you took part.
  • Why is what’s lacking, lacking? Has something or someone stopped you from getting what’s lacking in your life? Have you stopped yourself?
  • How have you fulfilled what’s lacking in the past (if you ever have?)

In addition to exploring these questions, this article is a good read to help you explore your needs based on the Human Givens Approach.

Are you blocking your own way?

Sometimes we resist stopping to reflect on the things because we already know the answer, and are too afraid to take action; we’re too cautious to change in some fundamental way.

I’ve been here.

It takes tremendous courage to live a life of purpose and meaning … your purpose and meaning, not someone else’s. But if you don’t, you allow your life to degrade into mere existence. Get in touch if you need help.