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Monkey See, Hear, Do, Smell and Taste

Making Sense of Our Five Senses The five senses: Visual (sight), auditory (hearing), kinaesthetic (touch), gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell) — are key to experiencing the world around us because they form the building blocks of how we make meaning in our lives. For this reason, they’re really about opportunity. Because, if we can understand […]

Your Life Story

Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs. We have the ability to create wholeness and love or destruction and chaos. Everything I see, hear, and feel, I expected first in my mind, and then it came into being. We are phenomenal creators, and this ability to imagine gives us tremendous power and responsibility. But, mostly, we are unaware of […]

Free Up Your Mental Real Estate

Your brain is like a computer hard drive: a well-worn simile, but it works nevertheless. As a processing centre, our brains take in information, make assumptions, draw conclusions, and then decide what to do with it all. This is how we stay alive. If what we perceive is physically threatening we take action, e.g. run […]

Teaching For Mastery

Click here to listen to Sal Khan on TED Talks Mastering Skills Must Be Our Priority We have a one size fits all education system in New Zealand.  Sadly, we’re not alone. Schools in many developed countries push students through a curriculum and a timetable before they’ve mastered the fundamentals of English writing, grammar, and […]

Fall In Love With The Written Word

Mindful Literacy You’ve probably been reading and writing for a long time. But do you really love the written word? Do you love to read? Do you long to express yourself in the written form? If you’re like most people, the honest answer to these questions is no. Language in all forms is fundamental to […]

Growing Open Minds

Open Minds Make Everything Possible Do you have a fixed or a growth-based mindset? This is such an important question to ask ourselves because a growth mindset makes everything possible, and without it, we often fail to thrive. Maybe your mindset needs a reboot. Fixed or Growing? What does your internal monologue reveal about your […]

Shades of Grey

I find it strange that we suddenly stop being people first and foremost when we go to work. Regardless of lip service, many organisations —particularly large ones who’ve lost their humanity beneath mountains of rules, regulations and processes — seem to act as if their employees are purely mechanistic. Unfortunately, this black-white, cause-effect management paradigm […]